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  We have over 17 years experience in dealing with stress and related issues.  


Free Webinar Discussing Anger and Stress

An introduction to understand how stress fuels anger and left unchecked turns into rage


Free A2Z e-books Downloads in 4 Formats

A2Z of Stress e-Book

A2Z of Anger e-Book


Course Dates & Programmes  Check out our Blog for free useful reading materials
List of planned courses for stress management days and refresher evenings.  We have composed and gathered some of the most talked about issues on this topic to help you get a better understand of Stress.


Feeling stressed? Want to know whether you may benefit from our programmes? Want to find out how stressed you or your workers are? Click on our Stress Test which is the most accurate on the web.
We have a range of options available to business users, whether you have 2 employees or 200,000. Click here to visit our corporate section where you can find all the information you need.
If you're looking for free videos, check out our youtube channel here. Hopefully you will find lots of information that will help you to become stress free.



Mike Fisher - A video Introduction To Stressexperts.

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