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Specialist 1:1 stress and conflict management coaching / facilitation, face to face or using an online platform, such as Skype & Google +.

childbeingcouncelledStressexperts was set up by Mike fisher in 2008, and is a branch of the hugely successful and renowned Anger & stress management company BAAM – The British Association Of Anger Management. Stressexperts offer private one-to-one sessions for anyone suffering with stress & anger issues. We offer bespoke programmes that are tailored to the individuals needs, and we offer very competitive pricing for our services.

Stressexperts began when Mike noticed that people all over the UK were struggling to find help for their stress & anger issues.

Its purpose is to fill the gap left by most practitioners who are reluctant to concentrate on anger and stress issues. The feeling among counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists and psychiatrists has been that anger and stress is a ‘secondary’ emotion, a distraction from the ‘real’ issues confronting their clients.  Most often, they sidestepped stress and anger because of its perceived volatility, intensity and destructive potential.

Typically, anxiety (stress), anger and depression was medicated out of existence, denied or punished. One symptom of mismanaged anger and stress stems from suppression. Often people hold back their feelings until such times as it builds out of control and explodes or implode which is often the case, invariably at the inappropriate  time and for the misdirected reason. Or they go to the other extreme and become very depressed sometimes leading to clinical depression.

Dealing with stress and possible anger can become very expensive. It could cost you your health, job, your friends and your self respect. We at the London Anger and Stress Clinic specialise in helping people deal with emotional issues using our specialist expertise in individual and group settings.

About Stressexperts Clinic

Office EnvironmentStressexperts will deal with various aspects of stress and anxiety and the difficulties it creates.  The process begins with identifying the situations that trigger stress and panic attacks that are often out of proportion to the presenting situation. stressexperts allows clients to experience this unpleasant but perfectly normal reaction to these overwhelming feelings and emotions. Then, stressexperts helps clients by offering them a variety of choices: a more constructive way of overcoming the overwhelming and painful pressures and redirecting it out of their system.

People on the receiving end of mismanaged stress and anxiety are also usually in distress. Stressexperts teach clients how to deal with stress by helping them increase their self esteem by prioritising themselves, recognising the pressure they put themselves under and meeting their own emotional and primary needs. behaving in ways that make the situation more hurtful. People keep making the same mistakes because no one ever told them what their other options are. They come in to Stressexperts feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope.

After people meet with us about managing their stress, they leave with many new choices and new tools. They can¹t wait to try them out on their jobs or at home with their spouses, their parents, or their children. They come back with reports of their successes and they want to know more, so we tell them. The more successes they have, the better their relationships become, and the better they feel about themselves.

Empower yourself with the Clinic’s techniques. We teach people how to use stressful situation to strengthen our most important and most overlooked relationship, i.e. our relationship with ourselves. We learn to stop being afraid of our fear and anxiety and to start seeing negative situations as opportunities to do something productive and constructive for both ourselves and our loved ones.

If you are interested in pursuing one to one sessions then an initial assessment would be suitable approach to take. Please get in touch via our contact page. 

” As far as having peace within myself, the one way I can do that is forgiving the people who have done wrong to me. It causes more stress to build up anger. Peace is more productive.”

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