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Free online stress audit for the whole workforce!

•  Increase the accessibility of emotional support for your staff

• Arguing is often due to an increase in stress levels in your workplace

• Because of stress staff can often struggle to control their frustrations


This 7 step process can reduce stress and increase emotional resilience within weeks depending on the size of your organisation!



stressexperts form part of The British Association of Anger Management (BAAM) team, and are equipped with a developed range of  easy strategies to help reduce stress and anger dramatically within the workforce.

A Corporate Membership is available to all businesses, which gives your organisation access to a range of effective services at a 10% discount.

Our facilitators/coaches are ready to deliver group workshops, bespoke programmes, 1:1 coaching as well as Google+ and Skype sessions.

Find out more about how stressexperts can help you to increase staff well being and emotional resilience.

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Making changes within the business environment

Whenever we work closely with an organisation, we look into any significant changes that could be made within the business environment to improve staff moral and decrease anger and reduce stress levels immediately. These changes can be anything from allowing employees to listen to relaxing music, changing the lighting conditions or allowing the employees to keep a photo on their desk. It’s amazing how vital employee moral is – if the staff are happy in the workplace, they are less likely to become angry and stressed. Alongside our coaching session, these changes can make huge improvements within your business, and can completely change your working environment – for the better!

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