Make Stress Your Friend, Not Your Enemy.

Make Stress Your Friend, Not Your Enemy

Mike Fisher, Europe’s foremost Guru on Anger and Stress sent me a link to a video the other day which has opened my eyes to the way I see stress.


stress-friendFor too long I’ve been looking for methods and techniques which will beat my stress into submission. I’ve been told that chronic stress is bad for my health, that it leads to insomnia, high blood pressure and depression, amongst many more symptoms I could mention. If ever I feel my anger rising, I’ve been taught to relax and count to ten, ‘Imagine yourself on a desert island with the warm surf lapping at your feet’, a stress expert would recite on youtube as he beckons the audience to close their eyes and feel the stress recede.

And then along comes a pretty lady who blows it all away.

Health psychologist Kelly McGonigal is seen delivering a TED Global sponsored talk to a packed audience in Edinburgh.

After opening with her fear that she’s been teaching a method of beating stress over the last ten years, which “has been doing more harm than good,” she lays it on the line, “I’ve changed my mind about stress, and today I want to change yours.”

She cites scientists from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, who have shown that the ‘perception’ of stress effects health. Hence, thinking that stress is bad for you makes it bad for you.

For example if someone is making a life style choice between a stressful job and a not so stressful job, it doesn’t matter which way they go. It is in fact equally wise to choose the stressful job so long as you believe you can handle the stress that comes with it.

The study reveals that over the eight years of the survey, 182,000 people died prematurely from the belief that stress was bad for them. This in itself, as Kelly reminds us, makes the sheer act of ‘Belief’ the 15th largest cause of death in the United States.

She drives home her point with, “When you choose to view your stress response as helpful, you create the biology of courage, and when you choose to connect with others under stress you create resilience.”

“Stress gives us access to our hearts, the compassionate heart that finds joy and meaning connecting with others. Your pounding beating heart working so hard to give you energy and when you choose to view stress in this way, you’re not just getting better at stress, you are actually making a pretty profound statement. You’re saying that you can trust yourself to handle life’s challenges and you’re remembering that you don’t have to face them alone.”

Her passionate words of ‘connecting with others’ to get better at stress reminds me of Mike Fisher’s free webinars which are now on.

He’s inviting anyone with anger and stress issues to join him for a FREE 1 HOUR webinar on Thursday 12th September and Thursday 26th September 2013 between 7pm-8pm. Mark the dates on your calender NOW.

Mike’s webinar is an introduction to understand how stress fuels anger and left unchecked turns into rage and fury.

Book yourself a space now by clicking on the link below. See Mike in action and use the opportunity to decide whether or not you or anyone else, needs to attend one of BAAM’s many courses across the UK.

Mike Fisher founder of the British Association of Anger Management (BAAM) has a wealth of experience and knowledge in helping you beat anger. Take the first step by booking your free one hour webinar today!

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