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Feeling undermined by the boss? Worried about what your colleagues are saying about you? Always argue with someone at work on your lunch break? It’s not unlikely to experience one, or all, of the following: panic attacks, depression, sickness absence, retaliatory action that inflames the situation, performance reviews, disciplinary measures and sacking.

Workplace mediation is a potential solution for these problems, and stressexperts are happy to be able to offer affordable and reliable workplace mediation services.

Workplace mediation is gaining a lot of attention in the media and the business world, and it’s been proved to save a lot of business relationships and settle employee/ employer quarrels.


Seeking mediation services within the workplace environment is not a sign of defeat as many people think, but actually a sign of strength and courage. Getting help for issues within the workplace can be challenging, but stressexperts are here to help!

Below is a list of the different services we offer alongside our Mediation in the workplace

Free Stress audits for your whole company

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