Moving and Stress

Moving and Stress

We all have to endure the stress of moving house. Be it to down-grade or up-grade, divorce or a job relocation, moving house is something we must all face at least once or twice in our lives.

Relocating Moving HouseWith the day indelibly stamped on the calender, you can literally feel the pressure building as it draws closer and closer.

There are so many jobs to do. Packing is the most pressing and then the other one hundred and one things that need to be done too.

Sometimes people stand in shock, as would a deer caught in the headlights, while the ‘moving day’ careers towards them.

Once the day is here, they find themselves suffocated under the mountain of chores and not enough time to do them.

This is where stress and anger rear their ugly heads and what should be a well organised and mature move, turns into a fiasco. Dad shouts and throws the box of crockery to the ground, mum breaks down in tears and hides in a corner, while the kids run off to spend their final hours with friends.

Isn’t it any wonder that moving house can be the most stressful times of our lives.

Even the Guru of Anger Management Mike Fisher, is a victim to the stress of moving. He hates it as much as anyone, but has the tools to deal with it.

This is why, when the challenge of moving comes around, as it often does in life, he’s prepared happy calm and stress free.


Keep in mind these simply tips and you will be too.

  1. Take Mike Fisher’s advice and get someone else to do it for you. Often the most obvious answer is the best answer. If you have the budget, use it to it’s full potential and get someone to pack for you. If you haven’t got the budget, enlist the help of your friends and family. They would love to help because it’ll be an opportunity to spend time with you before the move and share the memories which packing brings.
  1. De-clutter before you move. It clears out unwanted things and results in less stuff to transport. In our materialistic world we are encouraged to hang onto our possessions for as long as we can. Its interesting when clearing through the clutter because you soon come to realise how much you don’t need all that stuff you thought you did. It also helps you make that transition between the past and the future; between one part of your life and the next.
  2. Moving house is the best time to adopt new lifestyle changes.Its the perfect time to dump the old habits and embrace the new. If you have been meaning to start a new fitness regime or a diet, now is the time to do it. With a new home and a new location, its the best time to leave old habits behind and embrace new habits for the future.
  1. Label your boxes. A well prepared and organised move turns stress to eustress. Being well prepared for the challenge destroys the stress of the day, leaving you with eager excitement in getting the job done and the family moved. The simplest tip is to label boxes according to their designated room in the new location. Little tricks here and there make the move go smoothly and creates the perfect stress free atmosphere to enjoy the experience rather than fearing it.
  1. Keep the routine. Its so important for the children in particular, to stick to a routine, while the house is turned upside down and inside out. Its all too easy to skip meals, skip naps and skip appointments. A little bit of stability goes along way to assuring the family that the move is under control and everything is going to plan.
  1. Say good-bye.You may have lived in this house for all your life. It could be the place you grew up as a child, teenager, or adult. Memories would be lurking behind every street corner, park and high street. Take time to revisit these places before you leave. Take time to say goodbye to your neighbours and friends. Wallow in the memories because it may be the last time you visit them.
  1. Prioritise. You won’t be able to do everything at the same time. Prioritising is good preparation. The move has to be enjoyable to make it stress free. This is why its best to prioritise the jobs in scale of importance. Keep a notebook and make lists. Get the easy jobs done first or be heroic and tackle the big jobs first. Remember it’s your move and you make your own priorities.
  2. Embrace your feelings. Talk about how you feel. If you are sad, please share it. If you are excited, do the same. Talk about your feelings to the people you love and trust because in doing so you are sharing your burden and alleviating the stress of the situation.
  1. Take time out. Making sure you are cool calm and collected, is a must for a stress free move. If you feel the pressure building, stop and have a cup of tea. Stop and walk around the neighbourhood. Moving house is recognised as one of the most stressful things you will do in life, so don’t fight it. Taking care of yourself is a golden rule of stress relief.
  1. Take your time. Give yourself 8 to 12 weeks to move house. Its in the top ten most stressful things to do in a life-time for a reason. You must give yourself the breathing space to get it right. As Mike Fisher says, ‘start early.’

Mike Fisher is the founder of the British Association of Anger Management (BAAM) and runs weekend workshops and a wealth of other services, developed to help anyone beat anger and stay stress free.

For more information about Mike Fisher and B.A.A.M, check out his websites , and

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