Petition for a better and more intelligent future

Petition for a better and more intelligent future


Petition Anger Management for youthMinister of Education: It’s time to  introduce anger and stress management skills in mainstream schools across the UK

I have been running anger and stress management programmes across the UK for over 17 years. Every time I deliver I hear people say how this programme needs to be taught in schools, and that if they had learnt these skills earlier so much heartache could have been avoided.

With this kind of feedback I want to bring our unique tried and tested beating anger programmes to schools, colleges and teacher training colleges across the country.

Help us build a healthier and better society by signing the petition here. It will take less than a minute to help build an emotionally intelligent society.

A sample letter is available at the above link addressed to

Rt Hon Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Education.

Help Us

We have set out to build a better, healthier and more emotionally intelligent  society.

We need your support to acheive this goal. If you would like to support the education of stress and anger managment in schools for more intelligent children thereby creating a calmer and more understanding society please go to the link below and show your support. Thank you!

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Reasons for signing

Iain Christie

I work in the field of conflict resolution and relationship building. Anger Management has a stigma attached to its name but at its heart is the learning of better communication skills from which every member of society would benefit. The earlier these life skills are learned the better and the less cost to society which results later on. I support this proposal wholeheartedly.

Nina Willis

I believe if young people learn to manage anger and their emotions they will grow to adults who are completely emotionally intelligent.

Peter Bond

if there had been these essential skills taught at school, I would have probably been better at understanding myself and others, learnt the value of self control and other essential skills that being an adult is all about. I have teenage boys and they too are expressing their anger and it needs to be channelled.

Daniella Beggiora

As a trainee child and adolescent psychotherapist and a client of BAAM I see an absolute need for this type of programme for children and adolescents. As a result of my own positive experiences of BAAM Anger Management workshops I fully endorse Mike Fisher’s Anger and Stress Management programmes and I wholeheartedly support this important project.

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