These are just a few of the hundreds of testimonials we have had over the past 15 years.

In terms calling the weekend a “valuable experience” then I would go as far to say that I would consider it a pivotal experience in my life thus far.
I feel I am already a different person in terms of how I articulate myself in day to day life and I have already taken significant steps with close friends and family to start repairing some damaged bridges.

This has opened the doorway to self-actualisation – which I accept is undoubtedly many years away – but until I met Mike no route existed to this for me.

In summary this is a huge step forward for me.

Anonymous from Leeds Group November 2013


Dear Mike,
Reading my BAAM papers on the bus this morning, I felt we (our group) are blessed to have come across you. All the course info has been a bit like a smorgasbord for the mind, very sustaining.
I came across BAAM via an article in Stylist Magazine last August where the woman journalist who attended your course was describing her feelings of permanent anxiety and responsibility towards her younger siblings – which it turned out started following the untimely death of their father. I immediately identified with that and booked on the course.

Anonymous from Group Member Oct 2013


“I really want you to know that my life has completely changed around..completely..I haven’t won the lottery or found the love of my life etc but what I learnt will stay with me for life. Ninety percent of the depression I felt all my life completely disappeared..I can’t explain it..I’m hardly angry and if Iam ..I detect my behaviour pattern more easily and gain control again and i’m also ore in tune with what my body and emotions are telling me.

Richard, Bristol 

“A full year after completing your weekend residential course, I wanted to write to tell you how it has transformed my life for the better. The past twelve months have been the most fulfilling of my life. My ability to manage my stress levels and to deal with my emotions ‘intelligently’ has unleashed the most extraordinary positive energy that has immeasurably benefited my mental and physical health, family relationships, friendships and work. I would one day very much like to study for the Diploma as I am truly evangelical about the programme’s benefits to fellow ‘angerholics’. I owe so much to your guidance and encouragement – and to BAAM’s wonderful ethos. Thank you so much.”

Tony, London 

“Can’t thank you enough for my life changing weekend, I shall be evangelizing your work and handing out your business cards!”

Lara, London 

“I think you the work you do is wonderful. I can’t believe how much I have benefited from it. It’s the best decision I have ever made. I’m really gonna miss our Wednesday nights but I have made some very special friends. Thank you once again.”
Lindsey, London

“I have tried many things, but this is the most concrete method/ pathway and the only one to have made a difference. I’m happier than I’ve been for years and it gets better the more I use the programme.”

Michael, Manchester

“I took part on the 2 day residential BAAM course in December 2007. I can truly say that it was the catalyst to change my life. Mike was a terrific tutor and gave an insight into the causes of anger & stress, the effect that it has on your body, different types of anger, how to control it and also that anger is not always a bad thing. The course was something that I was persuaded to do, and afterwards I really felt the rewards and I hope that the people around me have done too.  Thanks Mike.”

Navina, Portsmouth

“I have been meaning to check in with you for weeks. A big thank you for the weekend – it was an extraordinary time, very powerful, very revealing and for me a watershed in learning how to manage my anger. Thankfully I could see early on how hard this journey is going to be and how much consistency is needed to get there. I am keeping a journal, but not writing it enough, I am checking in  when I remember, but slipping when life gets frantic. These tools are so useful, but boy do you need to keep at it and is it easy to slip. I am in touch with some of the support group but will contact everyone eventually. People just love the idea of a quick fix and you know despite being really hard this journey is one that has moments of great reward. Like when I  did the detour method with my husband and put to rest something I had reacted to with fear and anger for years with out knowing why. Now I will not get so upset by water fights ever again and my kids can enjoy them with out having a scared /angry mummy hovering around. Keep up the great work. With sincerest thanks for sharing your knowledge and insight.”

Diane, London July

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