The Glasgow Effect – Drugs and Alcohol

 The Glasgow Effect – Drugs and Alcohol


Alcoho-drugs-anger-stressAddiction to drink and drugs are prevalent throughout UK cities, but Glasgow’s mortality rates far exceed any in the UK.

As home to 10% of Scotland’s population, Glasgow’s problems are very much Scotland’s problems. With heroin deaths accounting for 35% of all deaths, and alcohol linked to 22% of all deaths, Glasgow has got issues.

What can be done?

The first step is acknowledging your drink and drug problems.

Mike Fisher from the British Association of Anger Management (B.A.A.M) would call anyone who does as ‘heroic’.

Having worked with over 16,000 people since 1996, he would say ‘It’s heroic of anyone to acknowledge their addiction and to take steps to beat it.’

Mike’s philosophy is that we turn to drink and alcohol to numb ourselves from the trauma of our anger.

Beating anger is the key to changing your life.

As someone who’s been on a B.A.A.M weekend workshop, I can testify that Mike’s methods change lives.

As he said on the first day to us ‘This will change your life’ and as a client said on the last day ‘WOW Mike, you have changed my life’.

His methods work.

Mike Fisher has the skills, experience and know-how to teach you the tools to beat anger once and for all. He’s not promising to eliminate your anger, he’s guaranteeing to teach you the tools to control your anger and in the process change your life forever.

Mike Fisher is now taking bookings for his Glasgow workshop.

For anyone who suffers from anger or knows someone who has anger problems, they would be well advised to check out his websites, and for more information about his programmes.

If ever there is a time to save your life from anger, now is the time.

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