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stressexperts is run by five experts, who collectively have over 50 years in stress management. All five members of the stressexperts team bring different skills and attributes to the company, and by working together in a calm and effective manner we manage to provide a large range of stress management techniques to people all over the UK.

Mike Fisher:

Mike FisherMike is the CEO of BAAM, the British Association of Anger Management. He has over 25 years experience working closely with people, helping them overcome their anger and stress issues. stressexperts is one of his latest projects, and Mike is really excited to be bringing his skill-set forward in the stressexperts team.

“I am really happy to be running stress management programmes through stressexperts, and I hope to be able to reach out to even more people in distress across the UK. With new programmes being developed all the time, stressexperts is bringing some of the most innovative and critical stress management techniques to market.”


Snake (Craig) Bloomstrnad:


Snake Bloomstrand has facilitated hundreds of large groups worldwide and is respected for his unique facilitation style. He is an Author, Artist, Executive Mentor and Transition expert with many years of experience and many grateful clients.

For over 25 years, Snake Bloomstrand has designed and produced educational programs and workshops for corporate or non-profit organizations, including topics such as anger management, ‘building corporate culture,’ and workplace conflict. He has facilitated well over 200 workshops on a wide range of business process, interpersonal skills, and transformative techniques. Currently he serves as leader emeritus of an international men’s educational organization.

His polished specialty is collaborative facilitation; he believes we learn best in the company of others. Snake explains, “Through the ages people have gathered together to learn about human emotion from listening to and sharing their stories.”

His passion to cultivate greater emotional literacy and understanding of our ‘whole selves’ as men and women provided Snake with many unique experiences over the past three decades. He taught personal accountability weekends in challenging environments and cultures, including maximum-security prisons in the United States. Shortly after apartheid ended in South Africa Snake facilitated workshops aimed at building relationships spanning racial divides. He is at ease consulting C-level executives, lecturing groups of 100+ or coaching re-entry programs serving war veterans. He is well versed in the emotions anger and stress cause and the harm they can produce, which represent a great foundation for his writing and teaching.

Snakes ability to synthesize complex concepts, inspire trust and facilitate with both gravity and humor is valued by participants. He is a writer, artist, executive mentor and emotional agility expert with thousands of appreciative clients across the globe.

He’s convinced wisdom is the best hope for humanity – the ability to learn from past experience and use it to shape the future – and inspires participants to find their inner wisdom.

Dr. Dawn Gross

Dr Dawn GrossAbout me

My career so far has largely been focused on anger and stress management and looks set to continue that way. I have a degree in psychology, a Ph.D. in anger and stress management and I have lectured stress management to psychology undergraduates for 4 years. I completed my diploma in anger and stress management with the British Association of Anger Management (BA-AM) and I am now a qualified anger and stress management trainer.

My doctoral research was inspired by findings from American studies which reported that the causes of heart disease may be as much to do with anger and stress as with traditional risk factors, such as smoking and high blood pressure. I worked with heart patients to test out a therapeutic programme designed to reduce stress and anger.

My lecturing role enabled me to build upon and broaden my knowledge of anger and stress. It lead me to explore research findings which linked stress with a range of illnesses and to investigate psychological methods of managing stress.

Finally, I enlisted myself on BA-AM’s diploma course in 2006 to become an anger management facilitator. This course provided me with the perfect opportunity to marry my clinical, research and teaching experience with my ambition to become a practitioner. The experiential nature of this course means that not only do I have the skills to deliver anger and stress management training, I have undergone the process myself.

I would never have predicted that my personal experience of anger management would have such a profound and positive impact on my own life. This has further fuelled my passion for anger and stress management and the challenges that it brings.

Iain Christie
iain-chrisitieIain is an accredited mediator, former diplomat, practising barrister and professional actor. This unique combination of skills allows him to adapt the process of mediation to resolve a wide range of disputes. Using expertise gained from his training and experience in Conflict Resolution, Group Facilitation and Counseling Skills, Iain can deploy coaching and communication techniques as appropriate to meet the clients’ needs. His practice has ranged from high level negotiations at the United Nations to working with small teams to improve relationships in the workplace. He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and the Civil Mediation Council and is regulated by the Bar Standards Board.

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow”

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