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Above we have picked out some of the best and most renowned self help books that may be of benefit to you.

Customer Reviews

Below are some reviews from customers that brought one of the above books.

“This book is totally life transforming.I would strongly recommend this book to anyone interested in the practicalities of dealing with one’s own or a loved one’s stress, anger or rage.

The author, Mike Fisher, does away with the patronising psychobabble and jargon, normally associated with US style ‘self-improvement’ books.

Mike starts from the refreshing premise that the only thing that makes us angry is our self! The rest of the book builds on this robust theory – and teaches us to take personal responsibility and ownership of our own feelings and emotions. He then suggests techniques how to communicate ‘clean / healthy’ anger to the world about us in a positive non-confrontational manner. Very empowering!

I hope this book helps you as much as it has done me.”

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